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By John Shakespear (3rd Edition - 1834)
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آهستي āhiste
آهستي āhiste P. adv. Gently, slowly.
مقبوليت maḳbūl-īyat
مقبوليت maḳbūl-īyat A. s. f. 1. Agreeableness, agreement. 2. Orthodoxy.
عيادت iﻌyādat
عيادت iﻌyādat A s. f. Visiting of the sick.
طوق t̤auḳ
طوق t̤auḳ A s. m. 1. A collar, yoke. 2. Neck- lace, chain (for the neck, whether by way of or- nament or of punishment), a ring. t̤auḳ-i-zan- jīr, Irons, manacles. طوق زنجير کرنا t̤auḳ-zanjīr- karnā, To imprison, to put in irons.
اوپري ūprī
اوپري ūprī S̱. (from اوپر ūpar, q. v.) adj. Foreign.
تلاوت tilāwat
تلاوت tilāwat A or talāwat, s. f. Meditation, reading (particularly, the ḳurʼān, as an act of reli- gion).
منڐلي manḍal-ī
منڐلي manḍal-ī S̱. s. f. An assembly, a corporation.
بـﮩن bihin
بـﮩن bihin H or bihan, s. m. A seed.
زنان zanāṅ
زنان zanāṅ P part. pres. (from زدن) Striking, beating, striking up.
اخص aḵẖaṣṣ
اخص aḵẖaṣṣ A adj. compar. (of خاص) More or most especial or excellent.
کيد kaid
کيد kaid A s. m. 1. Deceit, fraud, treachery. 2. Adapting, adjusting. 3. Vomiting, casting forth. 4. The being menstruous (a woman). 5. War. 6. The croaking of a raven.
فتق fatḳ
فتق fatḳ A (from فتق To cleave, to split, to open) s. m. A rupture or hernia.
سابن sābun
سابن sābun A s. m. Soap. See صابون ṣābūn.
چندرنا chandarnā
چندرنا chandarnā H v. n. See چندرانا chand- rānā.
پنج سال panj-sāl
پنج سال panj-sāl P s. m. 1. Five years. 2. A five years old (horse).
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