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رسمسانا rasmasānā
رسمسانا rasmasānā S̱. (from रस Juice, and म्रक्षण Anointing or smearing over) v. n. To wet with perfumed essences or perspiration.
غال g̠ẖāl
غال g̠ẖāl P 1. part. in compos. (of غاليدن) Rolling or wallowing on the side. 2. The nest of the bee or wasp. 3. A burrow or hole made by wild animals to breed in: a cave made by shepherds to keep their flocks in at night in the desert.
تمر tamr
تمر tamr A s. m. A date. تمرهندي tamr-i-hindī, s. f. A tamarind.
چلک chilak
چلک chilak H s. f. Refulgence, glitter.
قلبه ḳulba
قلبه ḳulba A s. m. A plough. قلبه راني ḳulba- rānī, s. f. Ploughing, driving the plough.
سلامتي salāmat-ī
سلامتي salāmat-ī A. s. f. 1. Health, safety; in health or safety. 2. A coarse kind of cloth.
هنپهيل hamphail
هنپهيل hamphail H adj. Shortwinded.
تارن तारण tāraṇ
تارن तारण tāraṇ S s. m. 1. The act of freeing, salvation, deliverance. 2. One that sets free or delivers.
برکهـ वर्ष barakh
برکهـ वर्ष barakh S or barkh or varkh̤a or varsh̤a, s. m. Rain; a year. See S̱. برس baras.
ايمه aima
ايمه aima A. s. m. (for aʼịmma, plur. of امام but used to denote) Land given as a reward or fa- vour by the king at a very low rent, a fief. (When no rent is paid, the land is called لااخراج lā ḵẖirāj). Charity lands. ايمه دار aima-dār, One who holds land in ايمه aima, a feoffee.
برنا barnā
برنا barnā H v. n. To burn. See بلنا balnā.
تکبير takbīr
تکبير takbīr A (inf. ii. of کبر) s. f. Repeating the Musalmān creed; or only saying, "God is great," upon particular occasions.
ملنگي malangī
ملنگي malangī H s. m. A salt-maker.
وراثت wirās̤at
وراثت wirās̤at A (from ورث Heb. ) s. f. He- ritage, heirship.
مسام masām
مسام masām A or masāmm (from سمّ) s. m. A pore (of the body). (Plur. مسامات ma- sāmāt).
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