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By John Shakespear (3rd Edition - 1834)
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داننده dānanda
داننده dānanda P (from دانستن) part. Knowing, intelligent, skilled.
آهستگي āhista-gī
آهستگي āhista-gī P s. f. Slowness, delay, tardiness, gentleness, softness.
چتر chatur
چتر chatur S adj. 1. (चतुर) Clever, cunning, sly, shrewd, wise, knowing, adroit, sagacious. 2. (चतुर्) Four.
کدايا kudāyā
کدايا kudāyā H s. m. A kind of dove.
گستاخ gustāḵẖ
گستاخ gustāḵẖ P adj. Presumptuous, arrogant, insolent, saucy, uncivil, cruel, rude, abrupt. گستاخانه gustāḵẖ-āna, adv. Presumptuously, ar- rogantly: adj. see گستاخ.
وست वस्तु vastu
وست वस्तु vastu S s. f. Thing, matter, sub- stance. وست بهاو वस्तुभाव vastu-bhāv, s. f. Chattels, things, baggage.
مستحق mustaḥiḳḳ
مستحق mustaḥiḳḳ A (part. act. X. of حقّ Heb. ) adj. Worthy, having a right to, rightful.
خام ḵẖām
خام ḵẖām P adj. Raw, unripe, green, crude; inexpert, vain, of unbaked earth or of mud. خام پاره ḵẖām-pāra, A term of abuse, applied
جست وجو just-o-jū
جست وجو just-o-jū P (from جستن) s.f. Searching, seeking, search, inquiry, quest, scrutiny, investigation, examination.
پاڙها pāṛhā पृषत
پاڙها pāṛhā पृषत Sline;. s. m. A hog-deer. (Cervus porcinus).
رشوتي rishwat-ī
رشوتي rishwat-ī A. adj. One who takes bribes.
گرامين ग्रामीण grām-īṇ
گرامين ग्रामीण grām-īṇ S adj. A villager.
اعتراض iﻌtirāẓ
اعتراض iﻌtirāẓ A (inf. viii. of عرض) s. f. Oppo- sition, refusing assent, objecting, objection, dis- cussion, criticism, animadversion. اعتراض کرنا iﻌtirāẓ karnā, To object, to except.
بدره badra
بدره badra A s. m. A bag of money; a weight of ten thousand dirhems.
بـﮩرام bahrām
بـﮩرام bahrām P s. m. The planet Mars.
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