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By John Shakespear (3rd Edition - 1834)
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ظﮩير z̤ahīr
ظﮩير z̤ahīr A (from ظﮩر) s. m. 1. An assistant, associate, ally. 2. A poetical name of a Per- sian poet. ع
پنچکي panchakkī
پنچکي panchakkī S̱. (from पानीय Water, and चक्र A wheel, a mill) s. f. A watermill. S. H. پنچلڙا panch-laṛ-ā, adj. Of five rows or strings (a necklace, &c.). S. H. پنچلڙي panch-laṛ-ī, s. f. A necklace of five rows or strings.
شوخ shoḵẖ
شوخ shoḵẖ P adj. Mischievous, playful, pert, saucy, brisk, cheerful, buxom, sly, humorous, wanton, strong, insolent, presumptuous. شوخ چشم shoḵẖ-chashm, adj. Wanton-eyed, having a playful eye, unceremonious. شوخ چشمي shoḵẖ-chashm-ī, s. f. Wantonness or playfulness of the eye.
هرکنا haraknā
هرکنا haraknā A. v. n. 1. (from Arab. حرک) To stop. 2. (from Arab. حرق) To be scorched.
توندالا tond-ālā तुंदिल
توندالا tond-ālā तुंदिल S̱. adj. Potbellied.
نازکي nāzuk-ī
نازکي nāzuk-ī P s. f. Delicacy, nicety, delicateness, tenderness, &c.
شادابي shādāb-ī
شادابي shādāb-ī P s. f. Freshness, verdure, moisture, succulence.
موسم mausim
موسم mausim A (noun of place or time from وسم Heb. ) s. m. Season, time. موسم بـﮩاري mausim-i-bahār-ī, The season of spring. A. P. موسمي mausim-ī, adj. Of season, seasonable.
دهيريا dhīriyā
دهيريا dhīriyā S̱. s. f. A daughter. See دهي dhī.
بهجا भुजा bhujā
بهجا भुजा bhujā S s. f. The arm (above the el- bow).
ليل līl नील
ليل līl नील S̱. 1. s. f. Indigo. 2. adj. Blue.
غازي g̠ẖāzī
غازي g̠ẖāzī A (part. act. of غزا or غزو To purpose, to intend, to undertake a military expedition. Heb. To be strong or brave) s. m. A conqueror, a hero, one who fights against infidels. (Pers. plur. غازيان). غازي مرد g̠ẖāzī-mard, A hero; (met.) a horse. غازي ميان g̠ẖāzī-miyāṅ, was nephew of Sult̤ān Maḥmūd G̱ẖaznawī; a festival is held in commemoration of him at the beginning of May. A.P. غازيانه g̠ẖāziyāna, adv. Bravely.
پيوستگي paiwasta-gī
پيوستگي paiwasta-gī P s. f. Junction, connexion, adhesion, contiguity, closeness, attachment.
منجهنا manjhnā
منجهنا manjhnā S̱. v. (dakh.) See منجنا manjnā or مانجنا mānjnā.
آت āt
آت āt S̱. (आतृप्य from आ and r. तृप Satisfy) s. m. Custard apple (annona squamosa or reti- culata).
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